Cruel World

Written by: Tracie Edwards

=0= Its a harsh cruel world sometimes Everywhere you turn there are people with broken hearts Shattered dreams... Yes, this world is such a cruel place As naivety is always punished. And players thrive. This is the same story for so many Who's broken world's need fixing too Why in this world of broken dreams are Words invaded by lie's Sentences you know people are trying to scream People spitting hate like unwanted saliva from a mean mouth The hurt pleading for help as paranoia sets in. And this my friend is your play ground The board for your games Your breeding ground for the unlovable Where you entwine your tentacles of domineering power Through loneliness and the frayed stitching of peoples lives Your deep eyes make you trusting Your sweet misguided words Just enough to be lured in Your a player But you wont win this game. =0=