If they knew better They'd do better

Written by: Sha'ntez Jefferson

we are all built for hell but some have made modification to adjust their placement and still they have miles to go before their finished racin 
so daily i enter my mental basement to destroy its encasement only to find its like beating a twig on the pavement 
my courageous statements are met with resentment 
my untainted patience is often more than should be given 
and still im driven to keep winnin through unbiased livin 
i refuse to envision my manhood in a compromising position 
and my past transgressions are contradictions to my mission 
since I strayed from the christians but thats my conviction 
so i try to throw blessins in many directions in the form of lessons depictin the streets oppression 
and this food i feed to my brethren is like feeding a cold congestion with no medicine for suppression 
seeing as im spreading this contagion with no abrasions to the most evasive men in the nation 
These beautiful black creations were supposed to be raising are raising hell in our faces and catchin cases with briefcases filled with life sentence phrases and sierra leone bracelets 
I'm destined to change this.