Missing You

Written by: Brittney Leonard

I miss your voice 
I miss your laugh and that huge smile that made life worth while
I miss your tall body standing next to mine
With you there I knew everything would be fine
I miss you calling me "dude" and you saying "what a geek"
especially when I thought I was being sleek
I miss seeing you with your girlfriend
the way yall loved was something to commend
I miss seeing you in your do-rag,shorts, and cowboy boots
no one could compare, not even men in suits
You are missed so much that it is unreal
this is a wound that will never heal
Watch over us all until we get our call
Pay extra attention to your mom
send a sign her way so she'll know
your ok
We'll keep missing you until the day
we head your way
Taking each day in stride knowing you will be our guide