For No One

Written by: Sev Smith

Fingers entwined, mingled and clenched
Don’t let me go alone;
Don’t re-break these broken bones;
The rain still pours; our souls completely drenched.
Hold me closer as I fight for breath
Struggling to hold on;
I want this to be gone;
Crushing weights; suffocating far beneath.
Timed out, expired and over due
They want us out;
To wander about;
It seems they are not done with you.
I feel your breath running down my neck
I savour out sweet moment;
Our hearts beat far from dormant;
Not knowing what comes next.
Quivering lips are locked, hands cling tighter still
Our bodies embraced;
As I read your face;
Nerves are screaming, skin tingling with a burning thrill.
Reddening cheeks light up and blush
Your freckles fading in the rush
Skin still flaring with every touch
A feeling like this, is just too much.