A Tribute to The King

Written by: Lizzie Treetop

The King of the jungle the lion loudly roars
And the Lioness immediately pays attention
The cubs step back but still look up in sheer awe
Because this majestic King of the jungle is their Dad
At the feeding bowl even the birds step aside for Dad
He generally eats first and they pay him his due respect
In our world he is Dad, Daddy, Fathers Pops and old man
He is there and his seed has provided us all with life
In our early years he works for our survival every day
And when grown he is always still there providing love
He teaches us how to survive and how to love and live
Offers us throughout a lifetime knowledge and wisdom
Teaches us how to survive after a fall and continue on
His loving hugs comfort when all suddenly seems lost
He always fights for our survival, our dreams and our failures
He is a man also has his own frailties and his own fears 
But he is our light out of the darkness throughout life
He chides us, corrects us, teases and loves us unconditionally
Thank you, Dad, Daddy, Father, Pops and the old man
Thank you for always being there and for being our hero!