To My Friend

Written by: Brittney Leonard

How can something be so right but yet be so wrong
I know for me you will be
Just another sad love song
I did not mean to fall in love but then one day
you said I was an angel sent from above

I have loved all of our times
it always seems like we are inside of each others minds
When you look at me it seems like you love what you see
Each time we kiss I think
wow everyone should know love like this

Yes I have always known that you and I could never be
now loving you is killing me
Many nights I phein for you
knowing there is nothing I can do
It's someone else that you belong to

Maybe in our next life
I get to be your wife

I know life will go on and in time
you will no longer always be in my mind
Eventually it will be the day
that we must go our seperate way

You will have your life
with the two kids and the wife
As for me
I will test out the other fish in the sea

Just keep our memories strong in our minds
know that we shared feelings that some
never feel in a lifetime

Until we meet again
in my heart is where I keep you friend