My Next Life

Written by: Brittney Leonard

In my next life, i'll know the touch of daddy's hand
All the confusion and answers that I don't know
Daddy will show me the way to go.

In my next life, i'll be voted most likely to succeed
and be a crusader for those in need.
Graduate with honors
go to any college, full tuition and a career guaranteed.

In my next life, i'll be the one he wants and can't have.
He'll care so much and try hard to impress
I will care less.

In my next life, I will settle for nothing but the best
to be with me, he'll have to pass my test.

In my next life, I wil meet him unexpectdly
We both will know
this is how love is supposed to go.
Then, after several months of true bliss
he says, my lips, he wants to forever kiss.

Proposes on one knee
says he'll forever love me

In my next life, it's me
he wants as a wife.
I'll be the chosen one
in my next life.

Yes indeed next time
I will fully succeed.