The market is up

Written by: Donald J Bennett

The market is up, the market is down
Pundits speak of recession fear
Under-employed, we are sure it is here
Elections are near, common sense in short supply
The politicians swear they will fix it all; once again we hear that lie. 
Each promise more to procure your vote
Choice to make, will it be sink or float.
The country is broke, no cash to spend; so down the road we kick the can.
Spend ourselves wealthy, maybe that will work; but at the end it all will hit the fan.
The election is near, choice to make, will it be sink or swim.
Those results can or will be bright or very grim.  
The markets have their ups, the markets have their downs.
But once again we will re-elect many of the same simple minded clowns.
Current government policy is quickly breeding revolution.
Responsibility is ours to swiftly affect a solution
As you step in to that booth on Election Day, pray to your choice of deity.
Pray that somewhere in the darkness we may finally find some sanity.