Written by: Judy Ball

An evil spirit dwells just outside,
The heart of every man;
Waiting for an open door,
Been there since time began.

This spirit seeks to cause unrest;
Slow, progressive destruction,
Of everything that we hold dear,
By clever, sly seduction.

It starts out with self pity,
Perhaps some jealousy,
Then anger shows it's ugly head,
To set the travesty.

Soon all the joy is gone from life;
No good can we find.
To all God's goodness, joy and hope,
We seem to have gone blind;

Because we listen to the whispers,
Going 'round inside our head,
And if we listen to the whispers long,
Our spirit soon is dead.

Don't let anger, hurt, jealousy and holding grudges take all the beauty out of your life.
That's one of Satan's biggest and best weapons, self pity.
Count your blessings not your curses.