Written by: JustcallMe Britt

It doesn’t hurt just explains a lot of my relationships with males I guess
I don’t ask for your forgiveness or your pity
I just want to understand:

“OH, Brittany! You’re so blessed to be living with both your biological mother and father! So many people don’t have that.”

I understand that there are people that don’t have both entities in their lives but what makes having them any more blessed than not having them?

For a slight example, 
What makes a loving adopted family less valuable than a family of neglect?

I have stories upon stories upon stories of what I’ve seen and experienced first hand

My stories are no more or less heartbreaking than another’s heartbreaking testimony
The main factor is HEARTBREAK 

Don’t get me wrong 
I appreciate having clothes, food, and shelter
But is this all there is to love?

Daddy: “Next time . . . I’ll KILL you!”
My older brother plays sleep and I just can’t hold myself together
When still silence secured my dad’s departure, I check on my mom
She’s at the bathroom mirror, running water, checking her face
I’ve NEVER seen this much physical damage done to her from ANY of their brawls:

                                                          SWOLLEN EYE
                                                            BUSTED LIP
                                           BLOOD RUNNING DOWN THE DRAIN

F	a	S	t 			F	o	R	w	A	r	D

Our family makes our escape across the East Coast away from . . . I don’t know
All I’ve noticed was more space and damaged relationships
At a time, I was close to my father and spoke to him . . .
My Floridian friends didn’t even know I had a father unless they were to pass my parents room and question who that man was
For this reason, I was sparingly allowed to have company and when I did, Mom would close their door
I literally didn’t speak to my father for a number of years

F	a	S	t 			F	o	R	w	A	r	D

My parents and I make our trek across the East Coast
Through the help of the community we’ve been able to speak to each other
It’s more like an impersonal cooperatively forced conversation

I love him still 

Just as I love my mom, my brother and all other humans

You’ve supported my life so I support you as a father