Happy Father's Day God

Written by: Toquyen Harrell

Father, you want the world to know 
What kind of father You are
You are kind, gentle, willing to listen
You are there to help us when we need you 
You are willing to come to our aid should we be wronged
You always lend a hand in whatever things we are doing
Sometimes we know and sometimes we do not know
You hear us when we talk to you
You talk to us if we are willing to listen
And really hear
You minister, comfort, give us peace
You sooth, lift our spirit when we are feeling down
God, how many things do you do for us?
We can’t count Lord
You bless, give, provide
You make sure that we never go without
You see what is coming and prevent it
You take care of our business, affairs
You know our goals and what our potentials are
You see to it that they are brought to perfection
You create a new person for each of us
Changed, modified, renewed
You protect us like no one can
A great Father that You are
You love us and want us succeed
You make sure that we will be on top of our game
God, so many things that You do
How can we ever thank you?
You are so generous, free with your love
How can we ever match what you are doing?
You are awesome God
So exceptional and incredibly amazing
You call and it will come to pass
You say and it will move
You deed and it will become part of us
God, how glorious You are
You stand majestic, exalted
God You are one of a kind Father
And We love You 
Just wish there are some words to magnify You
God, there is no words that can do you superb
Thank you Father
For loving us, for everything that You do
Marvelous You Father
Here is our heart
Happy Father’s Day God