happy fathers life to all the dads

Written by: John Castro

today is fathers day and i think im just gonna sit back and kick it for awhile 
no need to tell me happy fathers day just because i have a child 

no need to tell me once year or to remind me that im a dad 
because every day should be the day that reminds you of the kids you had 

besides to me fathers day is really kinda lame 
just compare mothers day to fathers day its really not the same 

omg the restaurants during mothers day is full and very very packed 
but fathers day it feels so lonely i know this for a fact 

mothers day cards and flowers its very busy the day before 
but fathers day is not the same not even a knock at the door 

so i rather you keep your comments to yourself 
and tell that "happy fathers day to someone else 

if u want to tell me something tell me happy fathers life 
because i plan on dying before my kids and thats only right ;) lol