A Poppy and Venus

Written by: zamir osorov

I love you 
I said to a poppy flower, 
Dancing coquettely on the light wind,   
Closely observed its nice red bowl
Outer and inner texture of covering and color,
Have tasted it freshness, odors and tenderness 
Even the little stamens
Ringing around a pistil have the tiniest velvet yellow heads
As a toothbrush for bees.
You so gracious and beautiful
No one craftsman will able to create
Such masterpiece
So usual in nature. 
And the awful fact
That after just one day
You will left your excellence
Filled me with sorrow
And melancholy,
And I am tenderly smell  its odor and kiss it
And breathe it    
And say farewell
For this astonishing, stunning
And immortal wonder,
Equal or even superior 
The marvel of eternal shinning Venus on morning heaven.