Wake asia Wake - Part Two - 3

Written by: T Wignesan

(Continued from Part Two - 2) 	

While those that lay claim, nay, boast of
    to the largest democratic state
	   a bi-cameral constitution 
simply inherited from Westminister	
  as much as the unifying language
     and the soi-disant socialist stamp
  transported lock stock and tablier 
from a Cambridge freemasonic lodge
         by the Nehru dynasty progenitor 
look the other way 
           with thumb and index closing on nostrils
      when their pariah cart their faeces away
and still after millennia acknowledge and uphold the Brahmin  
    the self-proclaimed superior priesthood caste 
  those who speak for the Godhead Brahman
albeit speak with Him in the only sacred Sanskrit tongue          
                                           thus to be enthroned
      on the highest pure-blooded pedestal

Can there be an Asia
   the cradle of quarrelling Gods
  which can listen to the little voice within
the voice of innocence

Is there an ASIA     
   are there asias
As there were warring Euro-nations… 

[ to be continued ]

© T.Wignesan 1996/2001

(Written between April 7th and 20th, 1996; revised February 2001/2012 and published in The Asianists’ Asia, Vol. II, March 2001, an on-line journal [from the “original version” in the collection: longhand notes (a binding of poems), 1999] 
Published in T. Wignesan. Rama and Ravana at the Altar of Hanuman: on Tamils, Tamil Literature and Tamil Culture. Chennai: Institute of Asian Studies, 2006.