Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

Nothing can compare to you, you are the original
creation of heaven, I believe the lord was boasting
when he made you,you beseech the dawn and sun
set with your smile, how could I have missed your 
shine all this while, your image embodies mystery
and beauty, like the sight of nature or the beauteous
 immensity of the grand canyon, for I am more 
than lucky to be your companion, your hair flows 
down with splendor and conviction like Niagara 
falls, you are the key ingredient to viagra, the 
sweet sections of honey comb, the sassy of rose
the purity of river flows, that stream in my mind,
purging all else. 

Nature bows to her beauty for, 
she walks on clouds, God filled her with limelight 
instead of blood, her steps leaves trails of roses 
and gold , men chase her treasure but this 
LEPRECHAUN won't endure such nonsense, I guard her
jewels with the encryption of love ,Divinci codes
and loads of locks and blocks and a peep hole, 
to be aware of those who knock, the bees follow
her and the blue jays and cardinals religiously
stand at her window at dawn, as alarm, singing songs of 
heaven to her, in her favor, she has a flavor that sings
to the tongue and whisper to the soul, a voice that
can bring peace, to the aggressive troll, I am the 
leprechaun securing her pot of gold, Oh and by 
the way, don't bother looking for that pot of gold, 
at the end of the rainbow because I already found it........