Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

Opening the door of my room, rushing towards 
me the scent of luring perfume, lowering my 
eyes lazy and tickles my lungs, adding pep to
my step,heart beats run fast, at the sight of 
cheetah prints on bra peaking from beneath the 
cover of my lover, Stepping gingerly towards
her, as to not disturb the ground,she lays on 
bed, as angel on powdery clouds of clay, waiting
to take shape of  foreplay, the waving 
twinkle in her eye greets me, meets me half 
way, though she hadn't made a move.  ~ NOCTURNAL NECTAR                                                                 

Cascading ringlets of hair, draping the arm she 
uses to prompt her sunshine above, I stand
rapt in awe, my jaw nearly touching the floor,
she slightly lifts a blanket of stars, inviting me 
to her vast universe of beauty, I count each 
breath and petal of her rose, I guide each 
kiss down her river as she shivers and tickle 
her with tongue and nose, until she curls her
toes, until the hair on the back of her neck 
stands and her eye lashes flutter like butterfly ~ NOCTURNAL NECTAR  

At last reaching for the stars I finally arrive, 
entering the milky way, tossed by raging yet
calm seas, that never cease to release a whiff 
of lavender breeze, born the sound of slowly 
jingling keys with every rub of our body and 
knees, we beget sweat, we beget wet my 
boldness caught in her fishing net, twirling
swirling in a moment of  infinite enchantment,
in waters of oshun drifting like flaming log
along her lagoon,  taking the breaths that
she first gave, carefully handling her ticking
bomb, tick tock tick tock she is soon to explode,
as I goad, inspire higher ,inspire and goad her, 
to bear the load, along the road, hearts skipping
like toads, united we shatter our load like clouds ~ NOCTURNAL NECTAR