The dancing poppies

Written by: zamir osorov

How I love 
All of you
The myriads of poppy flowers,
Such amazingly have flourished
For one or two day of May
on green and fresh hills of Birke.

How I want to say
I never forget all of them
And keep in my soul
Your astonishing dancing
On the mornings wind.
Don’t worry, dear beauties,
I diligently pick up and save
Every one of you 
In my great artificially created Universe,
Called the Sphere of Shwartwalde of my memory
Where every one of them, 
Innumerous girls emerging for instance
And recorded in my soul
From my early spring on Birke,s hill
Till the last…  
Will find plenty pastures and places,
For eternal unfaded  blossoming
And I will dancing with you
And invite my dear one for such
Unlimited and endless
 Mega fest