Hello, my little angel

Written by: Ravi Sathasivam

Hello, my little angel….. Hello, Is that my little baby on the phone Say angel now, hello to your father I know you are so tiny and cannot talk I hear your cry noise flushing my ears Now, I am far away from you my angel I'm missing you everything day in and out Sending my kisses through phone to you I lost my chance of the presence at home to hug you When your tiny fingers and toes are swing in the air There is no other greater thrill for me than to watch you Often, I see your picture and feel like I should run back to you You are so cute little my angel and I love you so much Your mama will take care of you while I’m gone off to work she make sure you will breath, keep you warm and safe I know, remembering how gorgeous you are how proud we’re to have you as a blessed child in our family Ravi Sathasivam / Sri Lanka Copyright @ 2012 Ravi Sathasivam