Letting Your Hair Down


Letting Your Hair Down

Looking to sit back and enjoy the day
Aiming for the patio table, our little get away

Kick off the shoes and sit with the family
Share todays news and laughing happily

And you know we have to have that ice cold beer
Best way to chill out over here

The neighbors wave and sometimes sit to chat
Our home is like a big welcome mat

Before you know it, here comes out the barbecue pit 
The more the better, I must admit

Home is where you can just relax and do nothing
Its when best memories are made and lots of good loving

Doesn't cost nothing to just enjoy and rest
This is when we are the happiest

Let your hair down and take a little time
Do this often and learn to unwind

Contest by:  Yasmin Khan
Written by:  Debra Falgout