Her Beating Heart

Written by: JustcallMe Britt

A heart so big
She couldn’t help herself
She’d give and she’d give
Just couldn’t help herself
Just couldn’t say no
Never seen the reason why
It never hurt to give
It only hurt to be stolen from
Toys that were given to her where stolen
Clothes that were bought for her were stolen
Relationships given to her were stolen
Privacy given to her were stolen
But when these people asked for something she had
She’d never say no
“I need you to give them your signature so we can withdraw all of the money from your bank”
Sure she’d ask why but she never said no
“I’m your mother; I’ll pay you back!”
Because that was her mother she couldn’t say no
A brother she’s lived with until he was kicked out for the final time 
His loving kinship reminisced by her in pictures of her as baby
Her first dog given away in a bout of her mother’s selfish anger
With a heart so big deceit was consistently persistent
Her first boyfriend would ask and ask and she’d finally give in
Because he said he loved her  
“Even after I graduate high school, we will still be together”
He graduated high school and they are no longer together
Her first diary once used as a method of venting had to be hidden from this place to that place
In an attempt for freedom of thought after she found an ill willed message from a subscriber unbeknownst to her named, Mom
Money would go missing so she hid that from place to place and then one day it was burning in a lamp
Once she seen her brother putting his belongings in a garbage bag
She cried, went for her stash and gave him her last – it was a little over sixty dollars
This girl knows no karma but her heart continues to beat
She gave most of her heart to the people of the planet
Now she dreams to be one with the planet where she will give the last of her beating heart