Written by: Edison Okoth


I would like to revisit those days,

Of mine younghood,

When I hoped for the best in life,


I would like to think of the innocence within,

The hopes of things unknown,

The face held up high,

Onto the mountain above me


I saw and heard them,

Saw them leading lives,

I envied I had,

I heard them say those words,

Of how great they were,

Enjoyed every bit of it


I wondered when I would hold the mantle,

And run for the battle ,

Of killing pessimism,

Inside my young heart,


'Tis on that rainy morning,

When my teeth hurt, 
My head ached,

Like pangs of fire in my soul,

That I entered the hose of solace,

With men dressed in white,

Stethoscopes in hand,

That I made an about-turn,

To save both friend and foe,


My dream had began,

I was meant to run,

For the future so bright,

Whether it took a fight


Poor I was,

with no pence to mine name,

Rugged regalia under corrugated iron roof,

Shaky desks and whitewashed tin wall,

But I had to make it after all,


Days of tears and days of mild happiness,

Seasons of scarce and seasons of plenty,

Moments of pain and moments of gain,

followed the tender heart that was me,

For that future I had to see


I stand tall among giants,

Praying to grow one day,

And reach for them moons,

I still have to stay,

awake and alert,

Till that day wilt become my stay


Read mine lips the blind,

Sing my song the voiceless,

Walk to the mountaintops , ye the crippled,

Hear my chant ye the deaf,

For your day is here!