Soiled Linen

Written by: Edison Okoth

Soiled Linen

His dreary dream came true,

His pursuit for salvation of humanity,

Came to a sudden halt


The teachings she got,

The failures she had fought,

To stay ahead,

Of the most read,

Remained just that


The years he spent,

classes he went,

Gaining the mastery,

Of the skill so dear,

Was not at all evident


She broke the oath of father Hippocrates

By turning into a hypocrite,


Secrets he let fly,

Out of the guarded hospital gate,

Ate for ailments' sake,

Refused to heed the night call,

Till to death the patient did fall


In the operation room,

She turned less than a broom,

Left fiery blades intact,

in the sutured wound,

Negligence I say


They soiled their linen,

But all we were blamed,

 For one stain amidst us