Amid, amid, amid, amid,
In the middle,
Between never and everlasting,
A haven for people idle,
A place that never is.
Began and built in imagination,
By ones who avoid
The cheap price of success,
Yet convinced they belong to success.
And they fall free to an imagination.
Calling the world unfair,
They become unfair to themselves.
Average... noise so mute,
Attractive albeit neuter.
No man's choice,
No woman's choice,
What no man chooses,
That's not chosen,
That which exists dependent,
Weary of good extremity,
Shy of feats are you Mr./Mrs. Average.
Sometime, One day,
Your place will grow fire
And you, the refuge of many
Will take refuge extreme.
Those to whom success is strange,
To whom failure is a never go,
What shall decorate your death?
True men die beautiful, joyful,
All efforts employed,
Owing nothing to the world.
Thing one
Success and failure are friends,
They come and go together.
To live average is to live a coma,
Absent in  the universe.
A refugee who offers refuge
Means two-times death.
Revive memory, recover glory.
Way to go, give you for free:
The light at the end,
Deceiving it usually be,
Bravery, confidence is the tool,
Hold firm onto virtue,
Principle principal
In a battle won at conception.
Overcome seduction of incidence,
Run towards misfortune, failure,
The black that obscures hope.
Win the big enemy at the beginning,
Live good everlasting.
Leave the middle, play at the edges,
Where man makes choice.
Far from the refugee camp, from average,
All are free, failing or succeeding,
Each given to elect,
Would elect freedom.
None is wrong to do.