Just Another Love Poem

Written by: Robert Uy

I bet you’ve read love poems before
And this one is no different
Yet in some ways, you’ll see, it is.
Pull up a chair and listen.

A hundred times I’ve thought about
How I might let you know
How much I love you, lady fair, 
And tell the whole damn world.

“I love you because...”
Won’t please at all
And it does not bode well
For it is love that’s bound by reasons, 
That much I can tell.

“I love you despite of...”
You may say, 
Will never work at all; 
Though, by time, there may come differences, 
Logic states love sees no flaws

Let me present, then, love this simple, 
Without because and despite of’s: 
I love you, period, nothing follows, 
And I do hope that’s enough.