The Heart Holds A Scarlet Sky

Written by: Ryan Le Bryce


She is soft as naked
Silken-like tenderness
Hungered on from before
Barely, almost devoured

The ancient secrets
Now hold iridescent
By a shadow's embrace
Beckons; will I follow?

O' rested she there
A viscous temptation
Like a vessel found
Thru eyes of a storm

Ah~ the skin on her back
Ascending souls up heaven
Her woven lines now realized
Amazing grace my beautified

"This sin of flesh 
This mortal wound
This pound of fate
This rise of praise
These, mine love
I live in your daze"

I'll covet you whole
Drain your inner scent
Through late weary hours
A cello I watch you play

Laid you there so open
Came I, conjured vexation
Catching glimpses of a dawn
Blood and rain leaves a moan...

"Mine is broken under promised lies
Our bodies shaken under naked eyes
A soul is taken under Cupid's guise
Our sin afresh and a bleeding sky"

Live or die this moment
Brave I've staid the game
Now rest assured my woman
I've always known your name.