It Started With

Written by: Paula Swanson

Such whimsical stories, with a moral,
they were sure to teach me right from wrong.
All done to a cadence like a song,
there's no better way to learn than humoral.
I learned how to cope and not quarrel,
to stand by my beliefs and be strong,
don't be swayed by one or a throng.
After I read one, I went on to read several.

Dr. Seuss was my fisrst poet read,
The very first rhyme I ever heard,
were there in his stories, while in my bed.
While Grandma helped with the hard words,
he introduced me to poetical threads.
I was forever inspired, rest assured.

For the contest: Tribute By Sonnet
Sponsored by Francine Roberts

My poet of inspiration....Dr. Seuss