Powers Out -4 Poet Collab

Written by: Dan Kearley

Here I sit in the dark of night
Using my laptop for a little light
Our power has gone out,and it's quite an eerie site
In this town that's so dead,it kinda causes a little fright
I found and lit a small candle,though it doesn't pay
For it will probably burn out before my battery fades away
It's really kind of peaceful,that indeed I must say
Without all the noise that I hear in the light of day
Chirpping birds,and noisey neighbors,have all gone away
So I must once again familiarise myself with my place
Reassure myself without the dependent sence of eyes grace
The darkness comforts me,and brings me piece of mind
A comfort in the light of day,that I can never seem to find
Still we need the daylight,to see all the beautiful things
The sky,the earth in harmony,the beauty of that bird as it sings
So let this battery die,and let that candle flicker out
For it's in the darkness of your mind,you learn what love's about<3

*A collab with 4 different poets*

Richard Palmer
Brittany MAD Poet Caldwell
Louis Rams
Dan Kearley:6-10-12