Silly Sonagram

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Silly baby! Moving away from that surgical probe
held by that doctor sporting a hypocritical oath!
As if  you don’t want to get killed or something…
Don’t you know that it’s our choice?

Silly  babies!
Thinking your Moms or Dads would protect you !
Silly, silly babies!

Did you actually come here thinking we were civilized?
Your Mom, Dad, brothers and sisters paid the doctor!
Silly, silly baby!

Dedicated to our true minority unloved friends 
Each of whom we will never get the chance to meet
on this earth because our tax money is used  to kill them
while the "choice" to kill them reigns supreme but the choice 
not to pay for it is nonexistent.  So much for "choice".

-Robert A. Dufresne