Until I found You

Written by: Alicia Griego

I use to think that dreams were only fairytales,
That they didnt really come true. 
I thought I'd never feel love again-
But I never thought I'd meet you . 
I use to think love wasnt for me- 
That I wasnt suppose to be happy. 
I was always sad and always crying,
But than you came along and put a smile on my face.
I always thought I was suppose to get hurt,
That it was the way things were suppose to be for me. 
I didnt know I could feel so much joy, 
I didnt know it could happen for me, to me. 
I didnt know there was someone out there 
Who was waiting for me to be loved.
I didnt know it was you waiting,
But now I know you are my one true love. 
Until I found you, all I knew was pain.
Until I found you, all I felt was sadness.
Until I found you, all I did was cry. 
But than you came along-you changed my life. 
I use to think dreams were only fairytales, 
Until I found you . 

                                 Alicia Griego