A-a - Aye

Written by: Amy Green

                                   A- My Letter- Aye

Why- Y? No- A

This first letter of the Alphabet
Seems so simple, yet so complex
Explains my brains, history and mystery
Some makes sense, same profound, some slippery, 
some confused and, At times blistery

A- My name.  Aquarius – my sign, no shame
I live in Awe of Antiquity – add a small Army to my Acclaim
I claim no fame- just the American way.
Awe in so many things- simple praise to the “A”-
May I start with Ale and Apes- not together mind you
Ale was my way- red or blonde- I'd pack it away
Apes were my salvation from Ale-  to Ax my Aloof decay-
Animals became my Attraction 
my Abstract Ambition to Ardent – AGAPE-
Alumni to personal escape-

Ankh was a chosen forever symbol for Avenging Ambition
Of Allegiance and Appreciation
An Absentminded Argument for my own Awe
Defending it was a guffaw.
A stronghold of an Ablazed Angels Amour-
Belief's Anchored Ardor.

Art Aspired from hundred of Acres of Aquatic life
Appreciated by husband and wife
Acoustic strings ring in the night
Alight passions of two Aquarians hearts, desire
and playful sprites.