Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Resting upon my lap 
Your thick body 
Sits perfectly upon my knee 
My left hand 
Gripping your neck gingerly 
Delicately in my palm 
Beautifully dark 
Is your fret board 
Polished to reflection 
Ivory colored 
Are your machine heads 
Which twist smoothly 
Giving guidance 
Direct your inlays 
Whispering hints 
So defined 
Is your cherry back 
Resting on my breasts 
How your strings hum 
Echoing through 
My caressed fingers 
Each note 
Melodious to my heart 
Graceful til the end 
Oh the glory 
That is felt 
Each second 
Your beautiful voice 
My talent strums 
My wondrous guitar.