Evening in the Asphalt Homeland

Written by: Matthew Anish

     Around the benches
the young and the not so young 
   are gathered 
The bodega is open for busingess
   Someone is talking loudly 
into a cellphone
    disturbing the peace of the shoppers
The  sky is growing darker 
We have not as yet reached
the summer solstice 
    On the FDR drive cars whizz by 
Bringing their occupants towards 
their homes, their lives 
    The Williamsburg bridge stretches 
across the East River 
   As cars cross over 
on their wasy 
  A thin veneer of hope 
covers the metropolitna scene
    Another evening has arrived 
Thousands head home to rest 
    from their daily toil
In the distance the sound of an ambulance reminds  us of our mortality