Written by: Doreen Wright

Humans, we equal different hues, sizes, beliefs,
we all face challenges, we are all cut and then bleed.
Rather than focus on the political views of those who have and 
those who knot,
with put hands together, we must form a knot,
not one that reflects riches and money and idol gods,
not a knot full of violence and racism and phony nods.
Our land, we share, whether sepaprated by gates or 
slates or
signs that state,
prime real estate.
Humans, we are, gifted, full of potential and skill,
examining our flaws, marching for those who are ill,
understanding education, some not quite reaching,
children in need of so much yet have no one teaching.
Where is our village?
The understanding that what affects one affects us all?
The belief in accomplishments? The outline of goals?
We have to join hands, as to not allow mankind to die,
we have to hum unity before the world fails to exist for you and I.