No Suicide

Written by: Doreen Wright

No reason to concoct clever and corrupt schemes to make me see you.
I watch you anyway.
Do not go to extremes that exfoliate the energy that you conceive.
I already believe in you.
Please, do not plot panic ploys to penetrate the world's persistence against you.
You have the distance to overcome it all.
No need to destroy yourself or future so someone can feel your pain when
some of us already do.
It is pointless to define your determination as unsuccessful when you were the sperm that made it.
Speaks for itself.
You are beautifully made, with details that no one else has or will possess beyond imagination,
So suicide would be not only ridding the world of a gift but
yourself of it,
so please...allow your light to shine,
it could never do so without some shades of darkness.