Passages of Golden Ribbons

Written by: robert johnson

Not long ago we lived in peace.
Where children played out in the street.
The sounds of guns now fill the night.
As silence fills the streets with fright.

No more can we feel free to roam.
Outside at night away from home.
The crazy man just down the road.
Didn't stop until he shot his load.

I'd say don't worry, what can you do?
But next time maybe me or you.
So bar the door and draw the curtain.
For after dark nothing is certain.

A card of sorrow, a vase of flowers.
For mothers and widows to pass the hours.
To mark the end of time we live in.
These passages of golden ribbons.

P.S. The title and idea came from a Loggins and Messina song titled Golden Ribbons.
It's about war casualty's.