Written by: JustcallMe Britt

Once a felon always a felon, right?
Once an addict always an addict, right?
At least an addict can make the choice to leave their drug of choice alone, turn their lives around and make something of themselves
Three strikes you’re out?
PSSSH! More like one!
What type of living can one with the label of a felon make?
Is it at all possible for them to become doctors, lawyers, a fighter of crime?
Their only destiny is to live the life of a partner in crime
The laws don’t allow the growth of someone with a prison record
There is no window period after doing time to show themselves and society that they’ve had some sort of revelation and choose to change
The law IS a partner in crime
The law perpetuates the mindset of a criminal
You may judge somebody that is “bout that life” but what other choices do they have other than 
To rob someone of their life or wealth in an attempt to evade a life with no security or food.
Day by day, hour by hour these people live because they’ve been denied the opportunity of self-improvement
Oh, so it’s unfair for them to rob others for what they have?
THEY have been robbed
The LAW is unfair!
How can you tell them robbery is not okay when the very law has robbed these people?
So should they just commit suicide and allow those who haven’t yet made the mistake of becoming a felon to suffice? 
You may look down on the recurrent inmates asking, 
“Why haven’t they learned”?
“How dumb could they be to make the same mistakes that have landed them in prison”?
Going to jail or prison may not be the objective of their act but at least in prison there is a place to lay their heads and food to eat!
This is ridiculous!