This me a Soul Digger

Written by: Nsamu Moonga

This me...a Soul Digger

Water swaying to the rhythm of the wind
Blowing over the surface of the mighty Lyambai
Whispering wealth interred beneath the water so kind
Feeling like a miner; I venture into the depths that lie
In-between the sheets of milky sand
In search of the precious stone of gold
Like gold diggers of age old
Only for not more than a Rand

I know; even in my heartily courageous searches
I cannot salvage a mourning humanity
I know! Oh! I know what I cannot do,
Can I then sense what I...and only I can do?
This me...this me can dig for sanity
Sanity of body, mind and soul
Gold digger or digger of graves
This me...a soul digger

Moonga Nsamu
©April 2012.All Rights reserved.