Worth Living

Written by: Rodney Riggins

" Worth Living"

Written by: Rodney Riggins

We come in this world so confused we
all live by certain rules in life. We all get 
used we get abuse some how we all
get told what to do in life.

Life's a game that we all play we all
was born to die someday some choose
to die while others live some feel
that they have nothing to give but

Will a bullet solve my problems? well
at least I'll be in peace. Should I live on 
and kill someone my anger worries me.

Stress and worry really concerns me
my health isn't mental but still I'm crazy.
Thoughts provoke me the worlds to holy
I believe in god and beg for his mercy
on me

Lying is it worth it? What's the purpose
for living give me a reason? Why should
I become strong? Should I be in misery
well is it wrong?  Tell me is life worth
living then?