Never Bored

Written by: Rodney Riggins

" Never Bored "

Written By: Rodney Riggins
Dedicated to my sister: Vanessa

If I had your life I would never be bored.
Some don't have god in their life but has 
a choice to. Being happy is a part of
never being bored once I was happy
but that was before I stop believing.
Believing that life goes on after 
heartache and realizing the decision
that I make only creates what's ahead.

Never being bored is keeping busy and
never going backwards in the past which
only makes you dizzy. Planning events 
with your family, and friends my personality
is double and forms as twins.(Gemini) Why I'm I 
bored? maybe I'm stucked in the past
living fast life in the future will result
me to crash.

 If I would only love myself and not put no one
above i would never be bored but happy
and wealthy not in money but in life. What's
important is staying healthy trusting and
loving god. Believing that lifes too precious
to be depressed because the best cure is
never being bored just keeping busy.

That's why If I had your life I would
never be bored.