Passing the Pain

Written by: Larry Belt

I'm empty, I'm lost, broken and torn
I've misplaced the hope 
And the smiles that I've worn

I stare at the shadows that are not really there
Tomorrow means nothing
I no longer care

A feeling of dismay now fills my heart
The past often haunts me
It tears me apart

My reasons for living now slowly fade
But you'll never see
The mess that you made

The answers I need, I'll never find
You didn't end the pain
You left it behind

The day that it happened part of me died
You made me feel death
Through your suicide

Note: We are burying my nephew today who shot himself
on June 9th 2012 (My birthday). He left no suicide note, 
so we have no answers. But for anyone contemplating suicide.
It doesn't stop the pain, you only pass it along.