Listen to my Rhyme

Written by: Juli- Michelle

only you could tell if something was wrong
and now you think that i'm never okay
and that's not okay
i'm fine, can't you tell? did you see me smile today?

you told me that you wanted to make me so happy
and that you were never happy unless i was too
unless that's not true
i'd like you to leave me alone, or adieu

remember that i broke your heart three times?
remember how it felt when it split?
use your little wit
and realize that you don't need to take another hit

not for me, not anymore, i care for you so
and even though i'll never admit it anymore
though we were more
i am done with this all, and i'm leaving the shore

i need to get away, and you know it's true
but seriously, boy, i'm totally fine
listen to the rhyme
when i'm gone, i'll tell you it was a matter of time