My Darkest Place

Written by: Shayla Dendinger

Covered with ashes
No way to see through the smoke and fog
The ground is hard and the grass is blackened
There are no buildings
No air among us
No blue skies to heal the pain
No light to see your path
The flowers scattered like clouds
There is no living thing around
You you have defend for yourself
The only time you can visit is in your sleep
The land is cold
The river is filled with blood
The sea is filled with tears
The area is surronded by broken trees and flames
To much of your liking you find a cabin
The cabin is filled with skulls and bones
You step in cracking the bones as you take a step
The door closes as you find yourself in a different place
The room takes you to a hot place
Filled with scary things as you only see in your dreams
Only this is no longer a dream this is reality
This has become your life