A Cake For All My Friends - For Ever And Ever

Written by: Anne Lise Andresen

                         I want to bake a cake for all my friends
                            A cake that will tell you what I feel
           The first to be mixed in is understanding and compassion
                         Afterwards, a tablespoon of faithfulness
                                      A pound of sorrow
                           One kilogram of sweet delights
                                        A little laughter
                                        Just a few tears
                           A cup of patience and a lot of smiles
                               Then I put up a good thought
                                and some words of comfort
                           Eight to ten warm hugs and a kiss
                                        Share a secret
                 Mix everything together and make a friendships cake
             Bake at 25 degrees in sunshine for ever and ever with love
                  Finally, I rub a lot of sun cream with UV - filter on

A-L Andresen