Monsters under the bed

Written by: Juliette Paterson

There are monsters under my bed
"Don't be silly!" mum and dad said
But there are you see, and they come out at night
They snarl and growl and give me a terrible fright
You can't see them, they're just there for me
They eat my cookies and slurp upo my tea
I can't get to sleep for the noise that they make
I tell them "Shut up!", but they laugh and make the bed shake
Oh what can I do to get rid of these fiends
They're smelly and ugly and frightfully mean
My big brother comes in and asks me "what's wrong?"
I tell him the monsters have been there too long
He takes a look under the bed, turns to me me, and then he says
"There are no monsters under your bed, you silly thing they're all in your head"
No way, I say, I know what I see
"well take a look now then" he says to me
So I do, and what do I see, myy ginger kitten slurping my tea!
No more monsters, not one in sight
So I snuggle upand turn off the light
I cuddle my kitten and say goodnight!