I'm sorry

Written by: Caitlin Potter

I am oh so tired, I didn’t sleep last night
How am I meant to sleep when we just had a fight?
Your words are like a broken record still echoing through my head
It’s been so many hours but I still wish I were dead
Sometimes I can say some things that may not come out true
But honestly I’m really sorry I ever lied to you
I’m sorry I get too distracted on my laptop or phone
I’m sorry that sometimes I just leave you alone
I’m sorry that most days I don’t even look up to say hi
I’m sorry that quite often I can’t help but cry
I’m sorry that you think drugs are the only thing on my mind
I wish I could start over, but I can’t just press rewind
You’re my reason for waking up and staying up each night
You’re the reason I’m getting better, you've made everything alright
I can’t stand going to work anymore I don’t want to leave your side
Your helping me beat depression and restoring my pride
Sure I still cry too much and talk to people you don’t want me to
But I’m completely certain I only ever want to be with you
You’re the one I've chosen; the one who has my heart
If you give me just one more chance, can we take it back to the start?
Let’s pretend that we just met and nothing ever went wrong
I want to be in your arms forever; I want us to be strong.
So please baby, never forget that I’m in love with you.
And to keep you with always there is nothing I wouldn’t do.