My Love my Wife

Written by: Nikita Lempadi

My Love my wife my life
Lie in my arms
and rest your head
on my chest
listen to my heartbeat
to the song that I sing
my song a river of life
that flows out to you....

The loveliest of all women
you are my out-flowing
my out-pouring
my well my spring
and in you
my thirst is all quenched
for when you speak
its all sweet melody
A gold bowl full of incense
And in our moments
your fragrance fills the room
Dropping sweetness
Like a honeycomb

You are a living epistle
A book written only for me
to read and understand
and behold you
in your purest form
Wrapped with light
as with a wedding gown
Dressed up in sunshine
your beauty overwhelms me
For yours is all goodness
and truly yours is an outraying
of all the good things in life 

Page by page
and line upon line
Mysteries are unravelled
And secrets unveiled
As we behold each other
both naked and unashamed
bone of my bone
and flesh of my flesh
My love my wife my life