Faith and Hope

Written by: Elliott Bowe THe DrUnKeN POeT

A tribute to slavery:

Sweat dripping to my weary and feeble knees!
Please master! Please! Don't make me pick 
cotton in the summers heat! Please!

No get back to work you jerk !
I'm the master! Your the slave! Behave!

No! Please master! Please!

No! I said no! Go! let some more sweat 
drip to your knees! Then I'll be pleased!

Off I goes to the secret gathering under the shade
of the trees--Kneeling,Praying with dirt,twigs and dead
leaves under my knees.We sing songs of hope and faith.

OH the whip has scared my flesh.
OH the whip has scared my soul.
OH lord hear my cry else I'll die
young and not old,take control
At last guide my soul,at last guide my cold 
to your warm kingdom,to your warm hold
to your glorious kingdom, burden free free free
OH at last guide me, to your kingdom of heavenly---

We all singed the song, young and old,an attempt
to uplift our weary and dreary in times of scary.
Tho freedom seemed far tho hell seemed near me,
Prayer in the beautiful black night evoked
healing angels near me. 

A slaves cry attracted the angels eye