Written by: Melanie Tan

Look at the Sahara's pearl,
It never spoke it's emptiness,
Let silence kill it's cruel,
And be kept for itself loneliness.

The dryness that flows thru,
Bearing thorns of bitterness,
Carry every sorrows and blue,
Still remain it's golden quietness.

Drops of ashes in pearl's vein,
Crucified it's heart with grief and pain,
Windows of new breath are so in vain,
Waiting solace of peace and not insane.

Sahara's pearl full of misery,
Just let it go forever eternity,
Push away those doubts and curiosity,
And welcomes fairies and be happy.

That dew of morning wakes Sahara's pearl,
Rise and rose up again it's genuine smile,
Lift up spirits like pools of whirl,
Run and chase it's dream with a million mile.

Sahara's pearl now full of mystery,
Pack of quantum now full of energy,
Thorns of bitterness now is history,
Sahara's pearl will shines till victory.