The Lynching Party

Written by: Karen Deeks

The tree stands limp, dormant within a garish black unheard sky
Innocently displaying
(Mans inferiority complex)
Light reflects white which lays in leaf and dried blood
Which once flowed as two, then, young men
The dark is lost time..yet again
Angelic sprites hang as christmas baubles for those
Who seem fit to smile and point
So much white, in teeth and flesh
The shirt reflection is good and oh so good
And angelic and dark are ne-er the twain
And what a party! we would believe them say
With their bobbed hair and smile as bright as they
Could muster for the camera
The gaggle
The beast 
Who in their filth and ignorance
Once believed
To lynch a man is a fair mans game
To smile with one pointed finger
(have you no shame!)

Please note... this is a competition entry based on a picture i found disturbing but wanted my say... when we are young angels are always (as far as i know portrayed in white and the darker side) well that speaks for itself... in the picture the goodness seemed the calm dark sky and the two poor souls,where as the foreground where most of the light is reflected seems all that is wrong with this world...

american lynching in the south 1930s

I won a gold for this.