Written by: Paula Larson

I looked in awe across the room
it seemed quite empty ~ only her
she must have weighed 300# cured
and ate at will, quite well I'm sure.

What should I do ~ toss at her feet
I was embarrased to a point
my food so given, my friend's treat
Decided then ~ take on the joint!

"Let's call the paper ~ I knew them"
Man, what a story ~ I felt bold
the cashier huffed up ~ stomped away
was running somewhere through the fold!

I just stood tall, and walked outside
the hugh store front ~ bench out of sight
newspaper stand ~ I thought call them
the Chamber's vision ~ right makes might!

The time passed slowly, waiting, small
I felt like mopping up the store,
My friend was shopping ~ bargains call
while happy shoppers inside poured!

Oh, No ~ a guardlike person came
with club like at her side, in black
I shrivelled, what is this, I claimed
She wanted tray, in no time flat!

Where was good will, no happy pride
this was an action, time stood still
I felt my heart skip, tears compelled
yet flinched not at this ne'er do well!

My mission work of years ago
we'd even go to grocery stores,
and day old bread ~ they'd throw away
we'd pick up for the hungry role!

Gave up my tray, with one last look
strawberries, spinach, olives black,
sunflower seeds, and herring stacked,
pineapple chunks ~ but don't look back!

I knew they'd throw the food away
how great it feels when others help
just had to write this one small play
but Corporate logic has gone "whelp!

Good Bye, High Buy ~ you're too abrupt,
The Military's in your . . . . Cup!